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About Shiv Narayan Joshi “Shivji”

Shiv Narayan Joshi “Shivji”

M.A. Philosophy (Gold Medalist), PH.D
Retired Professor of Philosophy


  • Interested in traditional pictorila photography since 1964
  • Special field is desert Photography
  • More than 200 Awards in National and International competitions including KODAK, NIKON and Gold Medals in USA, England and Austria
  • Pictures published in National Geographic Magazines ‘Your Shot’ photography USA. Portfolios in practical photography and amateur photographer England NIKON calendar Japan


Prof. Shivnarayan Joshi “Shivji” is a photo-artist of international repute. He was trained as a philosopher, with specialization in the philosophy of religion. He retired from his teaching career as Head of the philosophy department from the University of Jodhpur.


  • Life Memeber of Federation of Indian Photography,Kolkata

Dinodia Photo Library, Mumbai